Sean Craig-Turner




I'm a dry human person with a surreal sense of humour

I'm doing an Edinburgh show this year it's called.

A Geordie Python

I will be Performing at 7 pm in the cellar at Cannon Gait pub on the Royal Mile every day from the 3rd to the 25th of August 2014.

Its surreal comedy but with my unique stamp on it. I use a screen to show you animations that I make myself and I voice them live. Humorous life experiences. Such as memories of childhood and adulthood. I will use my ADHD and dyslexic child-like imagination to entertain. Also, funny video clips of daft stuff I've done over the years. Small parts of audience interaction in this show, which means I might talk to you and have a conversation. I sing parody songs some of which are accompanied by animations in parts. Maybe some mild adult themes. A fun show and a bit different. I've been told it's like having a mate entertain them in their house.

Here are some reviews to the right of what people who came to see last year's show thought.

If you like things like Monty Python, Adult Swim, and The Mighty Boosh you will enjoy yourself. Not my words but the public.


If you're looking to book me you can get in touch through my email

Charity Gigs

I'm a Dyslexic person with ADHD and know what problems that can cause individuals adults and children alike. When I started comedy and acting I used to just copy and paste the gigs I had done onto a page like this one. I couldn't even be bothered to read what I was putting on there. So some neurotypical humans would read it and get the wrong end of the stick or it wouldn't make sense or something like that. Now since my ADHD diagnosis, I have pills to help me concentrate so find it less stressful so I can write now. I may still make some spelling mistakes though, so if the spelling or grammar police are reading this you've been warned so you can't complain. :) Serrously though I'm passionate about supporting charities such as ADHD, Dyslexia. children, or anything to support people's well-being and mental health. Please Get in touch because I will help out where I can.

Stand up Comedy



Leicester square Not So New Comedian Of The Year Finalist 2019

BBC1 Insideout 2017

BBC radio Newcastle comedy 2016.

2015 Appeared on made in Tyne and wear TV In a spoof called DoonToon Abby

Gazette Interview 2020

Watch South Shields comedian electrify his FACE in a hilarious video which has now won him £1,000

Now am I electrocuting my head or acting? Well, I will leave that up to you to decide :)

Chortle Shock Comedy

Festival Shows

Comedy with a Dry Surreal geordie Bloke 2022, with Laughing Horse



Comedy with a dyslexic Geordie thas has adhd, Leicester comedy festival 2019

Comedy with a Colourblind Dyslexic Geordie who also has other aliments 2017, laughing Horse

Comedy with a Colourblind Dyslexic Geordie who also has an underactive Thyroid 2016, PBH

Comedy with a Colourblind dyslexic Geordie 2015,Laughing Horse

Comedy with a Dyslexic Geordie 2014, Laughing Horse


Reviews and Quotes

Steve Bennett CHORTLE 2019 Leicester Comedian Of The Year Finalist 2019

Sean Turner, a dry, surreal bloke from the North East, all of which invite comparisons with Gavin Webster. Some of his one-liners are delightfully absurd, and very funny.

He’s got funny instincts

Sean Turner at times was absurdist and surreal, he was just as good as American legend Steven Wright. The moment when he diffused his difficult jokes by singing a song in a club-land style was Reeves and Mortimer at their finest. It was thoroughly entertaining.

He is a different kind of act all together. Completely unpredictable and unbelievably funny,

Sean Turner, with his enthusiasm for audience participation and cheeky twists was a highlight - Narc magazine review of silly billies

David Hadingham, Comedian and Northeast Jesterval comedy festival/ Grinning Idiot Promoter

I couldn’t believe how much I laughed, honestly, I couldn't believe it!

Rob Riley from

I can't think of on occasion ever when the open spot got an encore though but Sean Turner did. Will be keeping a close eye on this guy.

Giggle Beats, Developments in comedy tend to come from the outsiders rather than the mainstream. Sean is as out there as anyone out there. Keep an eye on him.

Jack Gardner, Silly Billies Comedy club Newcastle.

Sean Turner is incredibly original whilst also being a part of that rich Geordie tradition of otherworldly surrealism. He has an imagination the size of Jupiter and the warmth of a cuddle from a Hairy Biker, which combined makes him one of the most underrated and finest stand-ups around. Sean Turner is the real deal make no mistake!

Simon Donald/ Comedian and one of the Viz comic creators

Sean pushes boundaries, he's not easy to pigeonhole. You don't know what you're going to get.  He's a proper alternative comedian.

Animation, voice work and qualifications

I'm a creator of online comedy sketches some of which are animations and you can check clips out on the link to the right.

Poster Design

I also can design posters and fliers for your festival shows.

I also act from time to time most of my acting background has been stage plays and I have a BA Hons degree in and am a member of Equity. I've also done some TV, radio and TV pilots and shorts over the years and worked in entertainment on a Viking line cruise ship in the Baltic Sea for just under 3 months.

Edinburgh Double header shows/theatre shows

Making Life Taste Funnier.2012

Making Life Taste Funny 2011


BA in Hons  degree in Drama

BTec national diploma in drama

Equity member Sean Craig-Turner

Acting History

2022 Nov

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime played German Anarchist Winkelkopf,

Russ Brown Magic Inernational LTD, Entertainment

on Viking Line Cruise ship the Gabriella Finland June till August 2021

Jan 2019

Same Time Next Year By Bernard Slade Charcter Played George

Oct 2018

Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn, played Trevor.

Jan 2018

Charlie's Trousers by  Alan Plater character played Nev

Feb 2017

Theft -  by Eric Chappell  Character Sprigs

Nov 2017

Prisoners friend by Peter Drake, played soldier/ Judge.

Jan 2016

Perception for Murder by Norman Robbins, Played Alan

June 2016

Nobody's Perfect by Simon Williams, Played Leonard Loftus/Myetle Banbury

Dec 2016

Wyed Sisters by Stephen Briggs/Terry Pratchett. multiple characters.


Ladykillers, By Graham Linehan writer of father Ted. Character Harry Robson

March 2010

Lion in Winter by James Goldman. played Prince John.


A Midsummer Nights Dream. Played Nick Bottom Directed by Malachi Bogdanov


Dan dare the musical written by Tom Kelly: Music by John Miles and

Directed by Ray Spencer. Character an alien. 

Other T.V Work


Vera 2015 Muddy Waters

Vera 2016

Beowulf 2016

Wolfblood Cbbc 2016

Animation Voice-over work clips to the right.

Acting Speaking Parts TV and dvd

Doontoon Abby.  broadcast on Boxing Day 2015 on Made in Tyne and Wear TV

Mirrorvale, TV pilot DVD release

played Cayden, by Canny pictures  2013

Algernon Pictures shorts


Boolean Operators’ Broardcast On Channel 4

Des, a librarian Film and TV Algernon Pictures 2008

28 ALES LATER 2008

2006 A Muppets Tale’ by Michael McNally star of ITVs McNally report

Played the Leading character, Barry Treadaway. A drama tracking the journey of a young man through the judicial and penal system Film and TV

Stand-up comedy clips

Horse feathers

Animated work

Acting clips